About Shal Mines and Echo Mines Studio.

I'm Shal Mines and I work at Echo Mines Studio.  Way back in 2010 I decided I wanted to start taking art a little more seriously after a comment from a family member about my doodling.  Long story short I ended up going part time to the local collage doing a Art and Design Course and then on to Central Bedfordshire University's School of Art and Design to complete a B.A (Hons) .  

On my Journey as a mature student I discovered that I am more a sculptor of objects and an Appropriation artist than a painter, but I do love a good pen to draw with.  I also discovered I have Aphantisia and Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory (SDAM)

This discovery in 2018 made me realise it helped how I created work, realise that I am driven by the materials I find to create the object I do and concepts then begin to appear.

Over the last 10 years I have evolved my practice and now use any obsolete objects that normally get thrown away, old paper to draw portraits on, these include book pages, paper record sleeves, maps ect.  Old shop dummies, gas masks, vinyl disc, broken or damaged books, old tea bags or any random item that my just by lying about in the street that shows character or inspires ideas.

I have created sculptures out of books, stitched tattoos onto plastic torsos, made gas masks look beautiful as well as haunting, parasols made from teabags and one of my favourite things to create are portraits draw with just Biro pens on tissue paper patterns and paper record sleeves. 

I have started Echo Mines Studio in 2020

I take commissions and I am open for collaborations .

 © 2020 Shal Mines      

Linslade, United Kingdom



The Echo Mines Studio.

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