Shal Mines is a Found Object and Appropriation Artist, she is an artist who is driven by objects and materials that are discover when walking around antiques fairs, charity shops, car boot sales, markets or even things left in the street.  She often thinks about the life of the object, was it loved? Was it just a necessity? Was it a kept old unwanted gift they felt they should keep hold of?  If it could talk, what stories would it tell?  Then she  begins to wonder what she could create with it. How does it inspire her? Is it the patina? Is it the colour? Is it the aesthetic? Or is it a combination of all of these?  Have a wonder through the Portfolio to discover the kinds of art that can be created from discarded objects. Commissions Open.

 © 2020 Shal Mines      

Linslade, United Kingdom



The Echo Mines Studio.

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Cheshire Cat on Book Page

Cheshire cat biro art on vintage book page.