Art of the Curiosity

The Art of the Curiosity is inspired by materials and their connection to our everyday life, to take an object and create a unique piece of work showing juxtaposition and connection at the same time.

Music Icons, large portraits

Portrait of music icons from different eras. Paper sleeves from 78rpm 12 inch records, biro and white paint pens.

Music Icon small portraits

Portrait of music icons from different eras. Paper sleeves from 78rpm 7 inch records, biro and white paint pens.

Left view of the exhibition.

Book sculptures to either corner, 7 portraits of various musical icons. Centrally placed torso with cross stitched helmet.

Love Death and Panda's.

Love Death and Pandas originally inspired by Che Guevara quote “Let’s be realistic – demand the impossible”. The visor is drilled with over 3000 holes and the cross stitch pattern of skulls eyes to represent death wearing the helmet. But once the piece was finished all I could see was a panda not a skull, so the piece was re named from Love Death and Motorbikes.

Fashion Icon Dress Pattern Portraits

The tissue paper that is used in dress patterns is very delicate and prone to ripping. These patterns from the 1960/70s with their dated fonts made a perfect canvas for biro pen portraits of these two icons, Twiggy the fashion model and Audrey Hepburn with her classic little black dress.

Art of the Curiosity

Icon portraits, Book Sculptures and Cross stitched helmet.

Flower of Life  Window

The flower of life is a juxtaposition of an old X-Ray with an embroidered uterus in the form of flowers, using the colours of red and green to represent the lining of the uterus and the growth of the life inside the womb. The stitching goes through the X-ray and when held to the light the two images are combined to create one.

Flower of Life X-Ray

Close up of Flower of Life

Wishing I Was Home

Right hand side of the exhibition.

Wishing I was Home

Embroidered rubber gas mask on 1939 copy of All's Quite on the Western Front, displayed upon a plinth of book pages.

Wishing I was Home

Wishing I was home is a representation of men during WW1. The gas mask being part of the young soldier’s kit in the trenches, out in the fields the dandelions grow and he plays a childhood game of blowing dandelion clocks to make wishes, wishing he was home. It’s only this, his fellow soldiers and his book to keep him going in the long hours in the trenches. The Dandelions also are a representation of his wife waiting for him at home as she is embroidering dandelions as she waits for him.

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Linslade, United Kingdom



The Echo Mines Studio.

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Flower of Life X-Ray

Close up of Flower of Life