The Betrothed, Book Sculpture

The Betrothed, illustrations by Eric Fraser, hand cut to create 3D sculpture.

Hand stitched poppy into a Twinnings tea

Hand embroidered used tea bag.

Alice In Wonderland Book Sculpture

Alice in Wonderland compendium bent and carved to create a 3D sculpture.

Vintage Car Manual Book Sculpture

Vintage Car Manual hand carved to create a 3D book sculpture.

Myth Magic and Folklore book 3.

Using the same book this is the 3rd re imagining of this book into a 3D book sculpture.

Side View of Tea Bag Parasol

Tea Bag Parasol, used tea bags, parasol and water colours.

Tea Bag Parasol

Tea Bag Parasol. tea bags, parasol and watercolours.

Koi Cymbal.

Created for the Ripley's Believe it or Not Unconventional Art Contest.

Victorian London Underground.

Hand cut book to resemble a dark Victorian London street.

Playing Card

Part of a on going project of scanner art distortions.

slazenger box

Part of a on going project scanner art to cause distortion.

Scanner Art, Dollar Bill

As part of a on going project of scanner art, a distorted one dollar bill.

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Linslade, United Kingdom



The Echo Mines Studio.

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